Sarah Beardmore

Maker, surfer, traveller

I was once a professional surfer and fortunate enough to travel the world. I competed on the World Qualifying Series, won the European Championship and hold English & British titles.

Being part of the surf tour gave me a unique perspective of travelling and an intimate relationship with the ocean. This relationship with the sea, surf and travel has informed my multi passionate life.

 I then spent
some years in and around San Francisco working with startups. While in California a worked for a mobile app company, led a crowdfunding campaign. I was interested in technology and learnt as much as I could about entrepreneurship.

Iโ€™m now settled in Byron Bay where I work remotely as a customer success manager for The Surfboard Warehouse. I still surf and make side projects in my spare time. 


Dorsal is a shark report and alerting solution that allows beach-goers, ocean instructors and authorities to immediately alert others to shark sightings, attacks and incidents in their area.

A community of over 500, 000 users,โ€จacross 4 regions: Australia, Mainland USA, Hawaii and Reunion Island.

Nown makes it easy for anyone to create interactive maps. Launch your own Android and native iOS app and embed a map on your website using the Nown map maker.

The perfect no code tool for content creators, accommodation providers, travellers, food or travel bloggers. You donโ€™t need to know how to deign or code, Nown is ready and here to help you launch your idea today!

I love surfing, and have been fascinated by wave pool technologies so it was a no brainer for Nown to partner with The Wave Pool Mag, the worldโ€™s leading online wave pool publisher. 

The free to download WavePoolMag app allows you to explore and discover the latest proposed, planned and open-for-business wave pools from around the world.


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